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Unlocking the Healing Powers of Fish Border Acupoint: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Fish Border: "Fish" represents creatures of the water and symbolizes the yang within the yin. "Border" means convergence or gathering. This acupoint is where the yang within the water converges. The Qi and blood of this acupoint are the meridian water from the Taiyuan acupoint, passed down through the earth element pathway. Due to the Lung meridian's water being distributed at the Lieque acupoint and the dispersion from Taiyuan, the meridian water that reaches this acupoint is relatively sparse. Situated in the west, which is characterized by dry earth, the meridian water here absorbs heat from the spleen's earth and then evaporates in large quantities, ascending to the heavens. The name "Fish Border" signifies this primary transformation of Qi and blood within the acupoint from yin to yang, hence the name.

  2. Lung Meridian's Influential Acupoint: "Ying" refers to the tiniest streams of water. This term describes how the meridian water becomes exceedingly fine as it flows through this acupoint, having been divided at the Lieque acupoint and dispersed from the Taiyuan acupoint.

  3. This Acupoint is Categorized as Fire: This classification refers to the Five Elements attribute exhibited by the material substance of this acupoint. Since the Qi and blood here are meridian water in small quantity and subject to heat from the spleen's earth, which causes it to evaporate and ascend, it displays the flaring-up characteristic of fire, and thus, it is associated with fire.

Note: In the Hand Taiyin Meridian, the passage is known as "Ying".

Significance of the Fish Border Acupoint: The Lung meridian's water at this acupoint absorbs heat, transforms, and ascends to the heavens.

Characteristics of Qi and Blood: The Qi and blood substance is the small amount of meridian water of the earth and the qi of the heavens transformed from the meridian water.

Functional Pattern: The meridian water of this acupoint flows towards the Shaoshang acupoint along the Lung meridian on one hand, and on the other, it transforms and ascends to the heavens.

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